Nick and Luke

by Nick and Luke

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Live recorded, mixed and mastered at Beehive Productions in Lake Saranac, NY

Songs by Nicholas Horner (ASCAP) and Lucas Chohany except "Dear Someone” by Gillian Welch and “Pennies from Heaven” by Arthur Johnston/Johnny Burke

Produced by Nick and Luke with Jeff Oehler

Artwork by

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released July 17, 2017


We present this recording not as a product, but rather a document of our experience to share freely. There are not enough ways to express our gratitude to so many who supported us two road weary travelers as we stumble through life. In many ways you’ve paid us in full already… your floors, your food, your rooves, your kind words and positivity all have made our experiences exploring our country a possibility. If you’d like to contribute toward our upcoming travels financially by supporting this recording, we’d be honored. There is only one way for us to move forward, and that’s with your help. Best wishes, please know that we love you all.

Nick and Luke

Note: This list was compiled by memory on the last leg of our trip. We apologize if we forgot anyone!

Jane Rothfield and Allan Carr
Thanks for the first ever Nick and Luke house concert. And the great ginger cookies. See you again soon! -L

Scottie Sheaffer
I’m so happy you decided to come out to our show in NYC. It was great to catch up. See you sometime in NYC! -L

Cody Muhlenberg
Thanks for bailing us out from the bar at 1am and for the late night chat and cat petting, and for the sore pectoral muscles I got after one set of bench presses. -L

Aaron Rush
It’s so exciting to see the way you’re building community in Bloomsburg! I’m so glad we’re in touch and look forward to many more shows at Fog and Flame! -N

Nick/Logan in Bloomsburg
It was great making music with your band. Thanks for introducing us to Roger Miller. I don’t know why nobody else ever told me about him. Let’s play King of the Road next time we are in town. -L

Emma Karchner
Thanks for finding us a home in our first ever homeless situation. Looking forward to hearing more of your music. -L

Beth Jacobs
Thanks for being so supportive of our work! Can’t wait to come back to Harrisburg Academy next fall! -N

Amy Hopkins
Thanks for fixing up the old banjo! I have a Kalama300 that needs a pickup installed. See you soon! -L

Matt Muirhead
We disseminated your artwork all across the US and Canada. And we got paid for it! -N&L

Nick Chohany
Remember when that artist told us the story about the band Poison? It was frightening and heartwarming to see so many family and neighbors in one room. Thanks for putting it together and always supporting my music. -L

Sean, Grace, Kyle, and Bryan
It was great to see half Frisch Drive at the Harrisburg show! I appreciate the support! -L

Will Berger & Stephen Miller
No words can express. Thank you for everything you both have done fore me. -N
Will, you never fail to make me feel good when I talk to you. Thanks for that. -L

Laura & Kagey
We were honored you invited us to join you. Thank you for introducing us to so many of your supportive fans. What a lovely way to kick things off. -N&L

Billy Cobin
Your friendship and support has helped facilitate so many great things already. Looking
forward to seeing where our crazy ideas take us next! -N

Melissa Seltzer and Gordon Center
Thanks for having us play at the International Guitar Night. It was great to have such an attentive crowd during my guitar solos -L

Tia Faivre
Good to see you ever-so-briefly. Some day soon we’ll play a show that you can actually come to see! -N

Kyle Chizeck
I don’t think we even had to ask for the the WiFi. Thanks for being on top of your host game. -L&N

Cass Lowery
Crazy to hang out again after all these years! Looking forward to seeing you around NYC soon! Thanks for coming out -N

Joe Marachet
Thanks for the best last minute show ever. Crazy good diner food. Seeing Krystal Peterson. Y’all have a great community over there. Also, your cat wins the award for being the least allergenic cat I encountered on the tour. Please send him my best. -L

Aaron Cordell
Thanks for the warmth and hospitality and for letting us play your banjos. Hope we get to jam next time around! -N

Krystal Peterson
Thanks for the inspiring performance and the music/singing philosophizing. -L

Brian Goldsmith & Eric Brode
Dudes! Thanks for making your way out to check out our show! Fun to relive McDonnell times for a few minutes with you- catch you around Baltimore!- N

Max & Maria Hardman
In awe of the people you two have blossomed into. Looking forward to seeing where you’re going! Thanks for being there for me at the Creative Alliance! -N

Lee Wathan & staff at Headliners
Lee you said, “I’m in the business of making memories” or something like that, and you certainly accomplished that. We had a great time and we are excited to return in September. We kept the roses your bartenders gave to us (they made a great natural air freshener when kept on the dashboard)! Thanks for bringing live entertainment to your neighborhood. -L

Harvard Drive Gents
Egyptian jam was killer. We’ll be back at Headliner’s on Sept 9. See you there? -L

The Sentimentals
It was so fun to collaborate with you guys! More great music to come, we’re sure! -N

Chris Bruce
Thanks for carrying the beacon of culture way out there in Salina! Thanks for the couch and can’t wait to hang soon. -N

Doris D. Day Pickel at Ad Astra Cafe
Glad you told us about the meaning of ad astra per aspera. We learned a lot about performing that day. Thanks for having us play at the last minute! -L I tell people the story of Ad Astra often. Thanks for your warm reception in Salina! -N

Cody Ingram
Dude. You are the best host we never saw. We were welcomed to your humble home by the sultry sounds of jazz on the radio. You are the man. Hope we can catch you next time we are in Norman. -L

Jaesen Pemberton
Thanks for “but(t) fuck it” -N
Thanks for “what’s the difference between hippie coffee, hippie cigarettes, and hippie vagina.” -L

Sarah Reid
I’m glad you played a few songs with us. See you when we come back to Norman! -L

Caleb McGee
Thanks for hipping us to the scenic route down to Texas. -L

Tanner Miller
Fun times at the Blue Bonnet! -L

Christina Polinski
Duuuude, stupidly good to catch up. Miss you already!-N

Sue & Paul Polinski
Thanks for one of the best meals we had on the road.-N
I second that. And also some of the best stories. Prancing buffalo! -L

Ad & Alison
Ovdeux! -N
It was lovely to meet you and get lost in your neighborhood on a run. -L

Darenda Weaver and Zach Dorsey
Thanks for singing some tunes with us and thanks for being a resource for Houston music!-N

Alexandre Lunt
Thanks for the chat and the advice. Still so many things to think about. -N

Jenny Belk
Great to meet you guys and thanks introducing us to Alex! We had a blast hanging out at Ad and Alison’s place! -N

Andy and Gail Black
From musician to musician, thank you for coming to support us! Hopefully some more instruments come out the next time we cross paths! -N

Jaimee Harris
Thanks for making us feel so welcome in Austin at One-2-One! Your music was beautiful and I hope we get to run into each other again soon! -N&L

Bill Indelicato
Good to see you after so long! Thanks for the couch! -N
Great seeing you again Bill. -L

Bill Kirchen
Hope your flight went well the next day. When we were in Minneapolis we saw some pictures of you in a old country music magazine with the Virginia Creeper. Please enlighten us! -L

Duggen Flanakin
Thanks for being an incredible advocate for live music and so glad we met! Also, that
meal in Austin was a favorite! -N

Hayden Jones and Amy Wilkenson
Great to meet you guys. Hayden, your CD soundtracked a large part of our travels. Thanks for working your harp into the mix in San Marcos- run into you both sometime soon!-N
So glad you stumbled into Valentino’s. It was great playing music with you two. See you down the road. -L

Frankie Banjo
Laying down the Carter Family to close out the night! -L Love that shit. -N

Stephen, Aaron and Staci Rendon
Nice sharing a show with y’all! Sent from the land of Honey Dewdrops -L

Mackenzie Smith (and Jason!)
SOOOO GOOOD to see you ! Thanks for helping us set up the campfire hang in Austin,
and thanks for putting up with our post-gig emotional unwind (as I recall it was a big
one)! Can’t wait to see you guys again soon! -N

Erica Bravermen
Thanks for hosting us in your backyard! We loved the eclecticism of your space and the campfire was so nice (our only campfire session of the trip). Let us know if you make it to NYC to do some flatfooting! -N

Clinton Berger
Glad you made it to the show on purely trust and long lasting Susquenita friendship. See you next time. -L

Clint Sonnier
Thanks for the gig and hang and housing in San Marcos! Looking forward to visiting again once the studio is full fledged -N

Randy, Becky, Charlie Cavanaugh
Words cannot measure how thankful we are for your generosity and hospitality. It was a welcomed reprieve to show up at your place in Austin and our time sharing music was soul replenishing in a time of need. Can’t wait for our next trek to Texas. -N
We are so grateful to opening your home to us and meeting the family. It was fun to play old pop music with you and playing Fly Me to the Moon with Charlie -L

Tony Bonta
You’ve been an incredible friend and helped us out so much! Thank you for everything,
and please keep introducing us to your friends so we have warm beds to sleep in when
we travel! -N&L

Charles Cavanaugh
Beautiful guitar playing Charles. Loved that waltz. It was a pleasure meeting you! -L
Second that! Looking forward to next time! -N

Officer Van Zandt in West Texas
I have no words, only gestures. One in particular. -N

Joe Vinny and Bronson’s Bohemian Cafe
Thank you guys for giving us the gig in El Paso! We absolutely love you guys, and will talk you up to anyone and everyone passing through! See you soon! -N&L

David Benivedaz
That gumbo was killer. Thanks for hanging and chatting with us! See you next time through El Paso! -N

Matt Rolland
Thanks for the last minute logistics assistance. Hope to meet you next time. Let me know if you ever find yourself in Baltimore! -L

Brett Livingood
Thanks for letting us stay without even knowing who we were. We took all of your valuables! And then put them back neatly. -L

Daylin Oaks
So good to see you! Sorry your cats almost killed my bandmate! - N
That was the most extreme allergic reaction of the tour! It was nice chatting with you at the open mic! -L

Ian Andrew Newman -
Man, so good to hang with you! I’m sure our travels will draw us together again sometime soon. Keep riding strong! -N

“Photographer on the street”
Thanks for the generous tip when we were busking and for stopping to chat and take a few videos! -L

Randy Marquardt
It was so great to meet and hear you! I love the Michigan connection, thanks for trying to make yet another Blissfest hook up! See you next time in AZ! -N

JIm & Becky
Thanks for your hospitality, graphic design stories and lessons in car maintanence. I sincerely believe you kept our car from breaking down somewhere along the trip! -N
It was great to see you both after so many years. Thank you for taking care of us. The familiar love meant a lot. -L

Larry Hill
Thank you and the Fiddler’s Dream for being incredible! It’s a destination next tour! “Play!” -N
Something about what you are is what I want to be when I grow up. Hope we can make it back to the Fiddler’s Dream at some point. -L

Emo guy
We may not know your name, but we learned a lot from your performance -N&L

Gary and Katherine in Julian
Wow. Sharing the night with you guys was a highlight of our trip! Thank you for housing two weary travelers. You both will always have a place in our hearts. Thanks for being a vessel for good in the world! -N

Julian Newspaper Guy
Thanks for giving us our Julian debut -N

Harry Horner
Thanks for having us at Julian Pizza. It was very memorable! -L

Charlotte Smith
Already looking forward to next time -N

Steve and Kathy Harshberger
You guys were so wonderful! Thank you so much for opening your house up for us! We loved performing in your space, hopefully we can manage to do it again sometime soon! -N
Thanks for the last minute house concert and party. It was a pleasure staying with you two and meeting your friends! -L

John Reese
Thanks for your enthusiasm! Loved meeting and chatting with you! -N
Thanks for the support! -L

Van Nguyen
It was great to see you after about 7 years. I always knew you supported live artists and it feels good to have received that support from you. See on the next spiritual pilgrimage to the West! -L

Natasha Bloom
You have a beautiful spirit, it was great to meet you! -N
I’m so happy we spent so much time together! I think your voice is special and I’m glad I got to hear it. I hope life treats you well and I hope I see you again! -L

Tom Weeks
Can’t wait to get weird with you again soon! NYC fall here we come! -N

“Curly Haired Girl”
Thank you for flirting with us in a time of need. That was a rough day. Hope you came back to pick up some mangos! -N

“Party People”
Thanks for dancing around Berkeley to our music. It felt good to be appreciated -N

Fire in the Water
Great to meet you two fellow travelers. Best of luck on your journeys and I hope your elements can maintain stasis. -N

Jai Waggoner
Loved seeing you in Berkeley! Thanks for the great dinner and a much needed few hours of rest! -N

Rosiland Parducci
We’re still hanging after all these years! Thanks for being so kind to us! See you back east sometime soon! -N
I’m glad we got to spend so much time together in two different places! In 2017 you taught us to sing peg and awl like a queen. -L

Jesse Alm, Hannah Rosencrans and Roz’s house
Thank you guys for being fun, exploratory spirits! I’m sure we’ll all meet again soon!-N

Dunia Gonzalez and Aman Joy
Thanks for having the funnest names in the the Nick and Luke thank you section, and it was great to connect with you the morning before we roved onward. Best of luck with the painting and ukulele playing respectively!-N

Bailey Brown
Loved our late night chat. Thanks for being open and inviting for two guys who needed it. We’ll definitely hang soon, either in California or here! -N
Fun interview, walk, lunch, and hang! You are lovely! -L

John Seligman
Thanks for helping us out with the gig in Ashland! -L

Jeffri Lynn Carrington
Thanks for offering us your floor and one of my favorite showers on the road, believe it or not. You have a beautiful voice, looking forward to seeing where life takes you! -N
It was lovely hearing you sing and chatting in the kitchen. I hope your travels are going well! -L

Daniel Sperry
Thanks for being such a catalyst for good and for offering us your busking spot! -N
We had a crazy time in Ashland! I think we had more ridiculous stories come out of that town than any other on the tour! Thanks for sharing some of your music with us! -L

Dragon GongFu Tea House
Thank you for the $70/serving Pu-Ehr tea! I think it still haven’t come down from that qi high… -N
That was definitely caffeine, not qi. My delicate nervous system was on frazzled as fuck after that one. My fault though. I had like two quarts of tea. -L

“The homeless and traveler population of Ashland, Oregon”
Luke and I were both taken by your strength and sense of familiarity. Stay strong out there and we hope to make music with you again soon. -N

Robert Cline, Jr.
Best of Luck on your travels/with Heartstrings & Highways! -N
Great to meet you in the park and hear you sing a couple in Ashland! -L

“Wise sage traveller”
Shit man, that was deep -N
I’ve been doing my best to spend my energy wisely especially after that crazy night in Ashland. Safe travels Wise One. -L

Adam Gulliford
Thanks for opening my eyes to Aprovecho! Pumped to get to run into you on both coasts from time to time!- N
Thanks for the tour of the Apro sanctuary. That stay at your place was a much needed stress quencher for me. Great seeing yo ass in Baltimore too. -L

Mother of Richland Luthier
Great to meet you, thanks for being so helpful in trying to connect us with your son-in-law! -N

Geena Glaser and Sequel
It was lovely meeting you and seeing Sequel kick some fundraising ass. -L

Morgan Eastin
Thanks for giving us drinks and a shirt. Hope we can get back to Muligans or wherever you are working sometime soon! -L

Mary-kate Moody
Dude. Portland. Dude. -N

Michael Shay
You are a badass host and gave us everything we needed. Loved the stories including the unforgettable few that we exchanged that will go unmentioned in detail. Thanks for playing a few with us! We really enjoyed the album you gave us. See you next time! -L Seconding the album comment. Thanks for everything! -N

Old Friend of Michael’s
I loved our conversation. I still haven’t checked out those books, but I will in the near future! -N

Dorthea Hudson
We both loved your song and personality. Please be well and keep going for the gold! We’ll run into you again soon, I’m sure of it! -N
I had such lovely and one of a kind conversations with you that night in Portland. I’m so happy we got to meet. I hope your health and relationships continue to brighten to gold! -L

“Guy who does lighting the Wood Brothers”
Cool songs, man. Stay safe out there. -N

CJ Fujimara
Reconnecting with you was one of my favorite parts of this trip. Wishing you only good things -N
It was good seeing you and hearing some of your new music. I appreciate the conversations about art and honesty. See you again! -L

Caleb Tesnow
Keep stopping the fear, brother! -N
You were our Seattle comrade! It was lovely to crash a couple open mics and play some shows with you. I hope your journey is going well! -L

Natalie Kinsaul
We were both digging your tunes and grooves. What a pleasure to run into you! -N
Best of luck with your music. Sounded lovely! -L

Cayley Miranda Schmid
Thank you for opening your studio and wallet to us! It was about halfway through our tour and I had a major breakdown when we were in Bellingham but it was tempered by your kindness. We had a fun time teaching harmony singing our one devoted student! -L

Old Town Cafe
Thanks for making an exception to the rules and feeding us in exchange for playing. We had a great time and loved the food! See you the next time we hit Bellingham! -N&L

Thank you for your hard work soliciting tips for us. We will never forget you, although we are fairly sure you don’t remember us. -N
I had fun chatting with you throughout the night. The multiple rounds of tip collection was much appreciated! -L

Rory Rennison
Nice meeting you in Vancouver. I appreciate the offer to weld my exhaust! We had it welded by some high school kids in Washington a week later. -L

Ryan Bouer and Jenny Ritter
Thanks for the couches! Glad we finally met! -N

Michael at the Heatley
What an awesome place! What a great clientele and vibe! We can’t wait to come back, thank you for everything! -N

Rob Spooner & Jeffrey Fischer
Thanks for telling us about the Heatley! It was so great to meet you two, and please let us know if you make it out to either NYC or Baltimore! We had a blast in Vancouver thanks to you! -N

Sonia CB
Sonia! Thanks for coming out to hang with us at The Heatley! Funny to run into you on your own coast! Stay in touch, I’m sure we’ll run into each other again soon! -N

Farhad Tyabji
Thanks for welcoming us into your world! I love watching all the great music and art you’re putting on in Seattle via Facebook. -N
I am very thankful for your generosity including giving us two gigs in Seattle, a place to stay, food suggestions, and introducing us to folks. It was like you gave us a Seattle headquarters! -L

It was great to see you after a few years and hear what you’ve been up to and realize the crazy UN connections! Let me know if you come back east! -L

Melody Wight
Catch you next time Melody! -L

Laurel Sophia
It was great to meet you. Tell your aunt hi for me- N
The day I ran into you at breakfast I felt really bad and then I felt really good the rest of the day. Fireside chat was heartwarming! -L

Marie-Elena McCann Baker
Thanks for being so supportive, and we make it out to Bainbridge next trip! -N

Jon Burgett
Thanks for having us at the Pono Ranch and for the chat about social hierarchy. -L

Abby Wise
I’m so happy you listened to Vivian and I got to meet you! -L

Tosia Klincewicz
It was lovely meeting you and hearing you and Abby’s friendship story! -L

Chelsea Rose/Diamond Bishop
Guys!!!!! Thanks for coming out to hang with us! We loved Seattle and will definitely be back! Thanks for the support and I’m so happy to see that you guys are doing so well! -N

Andrea Sisco
Dude! I can’t believe we got to see each other in Seattle! It meant so much that you guys came out to hang for some music! Glad you seem so happy! Catch you soon I’m sure! -N

Your floor/hospitality are beyond measure. So good to know you! -N
What a night! That was some serious puking that morning. Thanks for not letting us sleep in the car! -L

Ed Daily
Thank you for everything. Your help, support, wisdom, kind words. Our car would have been broken down for sure without you! I hope we can return the favor someday! -N
It was great chatting with you Ed and hearing stories about Willie and Kurt, your music, love life and the school. Glad to know that some trucker in Sweden may have heard our song. Hope to stop by again when we are back in the area! -L

Welding Crew
Y’all saved us money and time. The weld on the tailpipe is still holding strong. To the student who did the welding: thanks for staying a few minutes extra and catching the next bus to finish the weld. Much appreciated! -L Sweet frog chair -N

Dara Quinn
Thanks for the incredible food and hospitality in Richland- we’ll tell everyone we know about the Emerald! -N
So much good food!!!!!! What a perfect spot. I love your love for music. -L

Pete and Annie
You guys are incredible for opening up your home to us so last minute! It was so great to connect with you and your family (and your hot tub complete with cat bath). Wishing you only the best! -N
It was lovely meeting you and the kids! I had a great time jumping on your trampoline. We appreciated your hospitality immensely. -L

Eric and Shawn
Thanks for the great covers and providing us with the best audience I’ve ever had in a cafe! -L Second! -N

Duncan Phillips
Thanks for your hospitality in SLC. -N
Thanks for the lovely show! -L

I garnered so much life perspective and insight from hearing your stories of life on the road. Thank you for all that you shared with us in Salt Lake. I hope we cross paths again soon. Wishing you well- N

Nathan who housed us
Thanks for taking us in. Your place was by far our favorite house with multiple waterfalls. -N
Thanks for putting us up and for the Salt Lake City history chat. Sorry about barging in to pick up my phone charger without knocking! -L

I appreciated your nice comments about our music. I hope you made it home safe and sound! -L

Janina Overbeck
Looking forward to running into you again all over the world! -N

Conrad Schmidt
I had fun chatting with you in Moab about traveling. Best of luck in your journey! -L

Scott at Lazy Lizard
Thanks for inviting us to hang at the hostel. Moab was beautiful, thanks for the hospitality! -N

Chris Beitner
Hope to catch you the next time we are in Moab! -L

Anissa Corser
I think I fell in love with you a little on this trip. Thanks for your friendship and bravery as we all continue to wage forward in life. -N
Almond milk for the win! Thanks for letting me be a kid on roller blades again. I felt so young and alive. -L

It was so great to meet you and hear your story! -N
Loved your singing and talking to you for a minute backstage! -L

Graham Norwood
I’m stoked that we’ve since connected in NYC. Thanks for your song and for being a memorable voice from the road! -N

Thanks for trying to find us a gig! We’ll hang out next time we’re in Denver! -N

Avery Johnson
It was great to run into you so much in Fort Collins. Your strength and free spirit was very comforting in a time when we were both very drained. Can’t wait until we cross paths again! -N
I’m glad our energies intertwined and we saw you a few times in Fort Collins! Best of luck with the banjo and automotive repair! -L

Caitlin Edwards and Mike Weisberg
Caitlin, it’s awesome to see the independent woman that you’ve become. I had a blast catching up with you and meeting your dude. I’m happy that we’ve all matured enough to be good friends and I’m overjoyed to see how happy you are. Keep it going! -N

Wolf Van Elfmann
Thank you for setting us up with one of our most memorable shows. You made our Fort Collins Experience. -N
That was one of my favorite shows, even with Illegal Pete’s rumbling in my stomach. And glad we got to play Blue Eyes Crying. -L

“People we stayed with in Fort Collins, including Sharayah and Kate”
Thanks for having us! We had a great time at your house! We’re happy to share the favor if you’re ever in NYC/Baltimore! -N
Thanks for housing us, partying with us, playing music with us, and showing so much love. You all made Fort Collins very memorable for us! -L

Illegal Pete’s of Fort Collins
You guys rule. Thank you for the free stomach-friendly Mexican food -N
Thanks for the calories. -L

You guys are doing something incredible for your community, and I’m sure you guys hear it a lot but not enough: Thank you! We loved playing for you all. -N
You are my favorite. You food rocks and we will gladly provide entertainment any time we are in town! -L

Alanna Pipkin
It was great to hang out and hear you sing at the impromptu open mic. How crazy was that preacher guy? -N
Thanks for introducing me to Gregory Alan Isakov. It was lovely singing songs with you! -L

Howard Dotson
Redemption song was epic! -L

Erin & Wobbles
Thank you for taking in two weary strangers and showing us such great hospitality. We definitely saw a side of Omaha most people never get to see when trying to speed their way out of Nebraska. Try to stay out of jail. -N
That was a lovely hanging from the monkey bars with you on a slow Sunday or whatever day it was. I’m glad you took us in off the streets because I had a good time hanging with you. Tell Wobbles I send my love. -L

Erin’s friend
I don’t know your name, but hey. Good chatting on the Porch. -N

Sam and Dave
I’m so happy that Julianne hooked us up! You guys rock, I love your tunes, and I know we’re going to hang on the road again sometime soon. Thanks for the Iowa hookups! -N

Noelle Stolp
Nice meeting you at Gabe’s for our sold out show! -L

“Friendly guy with hat”
I can’t remember your name but I enjoyed talking with you. -L
I don’t know who this is. Luke, who was this guy? -N

Madeline Allen
Bummed that we missed each other when I was hanging right in your hometown! Catch you next time through! -N

“The Girl who liked our page in Rochester, MN”
Thanks for looking interested when we were singing. We know you weren’t, but it made us feel good. Hope your exams when well. -N

Jack Greve
We spoke for a few minutes and you were trying to send some friends to see us in Minneapolis. See you the next time we are in Iowa City. -L

Clive and Tom
You guys are the best hosts ever. It was hands down the best sleep I got on the tour. Mmmm tapioca and yucca root pizza. So good. And the show! and the hang at the bar! Endless good times. I’m so happy we did it! -L

AJ Sruba
See you at Clifftop? -L

Jeff Yonkus
So much fun hanging with you in MN. Stay away from them sirens! -L
Great to meet a kindred spirit with roots in the dirty world of rock music. -N

Sarah Cagley
I swear I will learn how to two-step properly one day. What a fun hang! Hand salad forever! -L
Loved the dancing connection! Let me know if you can make it to NYC to hang with the flatfooters! -N

“Three dudes at bar”
You were making sarcastic jokes about country music. Human connection through humor feels good -L

Lauren Anderson
I’m so glad Angela connected us! It was great to meet you even in the haze of being road weary. Wishing you well in Minneapolis! -N

Drew Dietle
It was fun hanging and playing some music with you. -L

“Jing Vessel”
Thanks for distracting Luke while I failed at two-stepping. -N

You are THE COOLEST. Thank you for taking in and feeding total strangers. You made my first time in the UP memorable! -N

Caroline Barlow
I cannot believe we get to run into each other so much. Thank you for your friendship. It means the world to me, you know that right? -N
Thanks for being witness to Nick and Luke’s therapy sessions. Love you! -L

We loved singing your dog song! Sorry about the cello string! -N

Jim & Band
“And the Auld Triangle, went jingle jangle…” -N&L

Robin Lee Berry & Glenn Wolf
I wish we would have played together more while I was with you in Michigan--- I could have learned so much. Thank you both for your friendship and spirit. - N
Your energy is inspiring. -L

Rocky & Susan
Thank you for hosting us at what was probably my favorite show -N
What a great group of people you rounded up! I had a lot of fun playing songs into the wee hours of the night. It was a very memorable show! -L

Sean Miller
Thanks for showcasing us in Petosky! We had so much fun playing in that little room with you guys! Can’t wait to head back up your way sometime soon! -N

“Farmer and wife from Blackbird Gardens”
Glad I got to chat with you two. Keep growing great carrots and we’ll see you at the next MI show! -L

“Friend of Rocky & Susan”
We don’t remember your name, but we believe you when you say you tried to send people to our Grand Rapids show. Thanks for instigating so much fun late-night jamming! -N

Angie and Liz
You guys were cool! Glad we met, and can’t wait to hang out again soon! Hopefully Petosky becomes a regular stop! -N

Josh Bassette
Thanks for being so supportive of me. I wouldn't have survived Interlochen without you, and that continues to be the case! -N

Jerry from Blissfest Radio
Thanks for agreeing to meet with us for some interview love. We had a blast! -N&L

Abram Gunther
Remember when Charlie Hunter Trio opened for us? -L

Sam/Emma Loo
Let me all know if you ever get to Baltimore. You have a house to stay in. It was great to meet in MI. That was a cute little dog. -L
The more I get to know about you guys, the more I’m blown away by your creativity and artistry. Thanks for your brilliance and utter insanity… thankfully the two mix perfectly! -N

Sound Tech Cliff
Thanks for the kind words about our music. Tell the manager and bring us back to Grand Rapids! -L

Cousin Sean
While I’ll honestly say I forget the specifics of our conversation (I think we talked about the Grand Rapids Community Theater?), I recall our conversation being amusing and that it really put me at ease. Thanks for being another memorable personality on our trip. We’ll run into each other again for sure! -N

Charlie Hunter Trio
Thank you for opening for us in Grand Rapids. Hopefully we’ll return the favor soon. -N Charlie, thank you for the bossa nova rhythm pattern I learned from your lesson article in Guitar Player magazine. -L

Hannah Lewis
Hope your plumbing is perfect. I’ll never be able to repay you for those hot cakes but God knows I will try. -L
Thanks for letting us stay in your house! It was perfect to us! -N

Jimi Revolver
Sounding great, dude. Safe travels -N
I was a great pleasure to hear you sing. Looking forward to watching you as you find your way into the hearts and minds of the masses. -L

NY “Jazz Singer”
I can’t remember your name but hope your travels are going well and you are still singing your ass off. -L

Brion Riborn and Leona CW
Thank for dragging us to that second open mic! You sounded great! -L Fuck yeah, you did! -N

Sarah Boettcher
We’re totally going to hit up some mics in NYC. Let me know when you’re around! -N

“Waitress who was trying to get us a gig in Detroit”
Well? -N
Was it because we didn’t know any of the songs you requested? –L

Thanks for slaying it on guitar. -N
It was a pleasure seeing you perform. -L

Holy shit, dude. Calm down, man. -N

The bacon was killer Garth. Thanks for a very memorable house concert and jam. So when can I borrow that guitar? -L
Thank you for inviting us into a pool of such warm and wonderful people. You two both have such incredible gifts to bring to the world! We’ll definitely be back as soon as we can! -N

Redia Spada
Thanks for the heart to heart that night in Kansas City. I was so happy to have you around when we recorded in Saranac Lake. See you soon! -L

Jeff and Sue of Beehive Productions
You two are lovely. That was the most fun I’ve ever had recording music. Seriously. -L
Honored and humbled to work together, as always! -N

Remember when we put that plastic bag on your toilet paper dispenser? It’s reusable so I hope you are still using it. Washing it off after each use of course. And that time Nick spoke with a lisp the entire time we were at Applebees? Good times. -L
Stoked for our friendship after all of these years! Thanks for everything, Jeremia! -N

Tricia Collins /Johnny Drop
Thank you for your seemingly endless and boundless friendship. I’m forever humbled by the ways in which you’ve opened yourself to help me in my artistic journey. Looking forward to whatever is next! Also, shit- you guys sounded so good! -N
I’m still enjoying that maple syrup. It was lovely walking through the mud and petting goats with you! -L

Smith Brothers
I want to learn your Waltz so badly. Here’s to hoping we get to play again so I have another chance! -N

Aline Homzy
After all these years we finally met. It was great playing Pennies from Heaven -L
Thanks for being wicked on the strings! Hope we can do it again soon! -N

Dan Ketter and Dan Ketter’s Wife
Level up from Rochester is rock squatter, level up from rock squatter is globe trotter, level up from globe trotter is blood clotter, level up from blood clotter is see you in Rochester. -N & L, from “Level up”

Sara Hart (Shart)
Thanks for trying to hook us up with places to play! -N

Sara Jenks & Sara Jenks’s mom
-Jenks! It was so good to see you (and meet your mom)! We’re going to make New York happen sometime soon! -N

Clara Riedlinger
Remember that time we sang Creep in that college apartment? That was rad. Thanks for coming to our show. Maybe next time we’ll drag Julia along with us. -L

Mark Brown
Thanks for allowing us to word vomit our stories all over you. Keep up the good work -N
I know you probably think we are crazy after everything we told you and we are. Nice chatting with you. -L

Alex Apfel
You make me proud every day, son. -P

Katie and Adam
Thanks for putting us up and the great hair-doo tips -N
Still thinking about the hair stuff. You gave me the hair that I returned home with! That’s special! -L

To our families
Thank you for being the source of our turmoil and the wealth of our passion in this world. Thank you for your support and love and guidance. Thank you for putting us on the hard and honest path.

All of our best,

Nick Horner & Luke Chohany


all rights reserved



Nick and Luke Baltimore, Maryland

Raucous brothers-style harmony singing from Baltimore/NYC.

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Track Name: Paper Airplane
Don't you think it's a lot like you
hiding behind ever door?
You've found yourself in a mess you made
of paper hearts folded on the floor
just waiting for a whisper on the breeze
to send them to the sky

So you can cast yourself another airplane lover and 'til they reach the ground
you can watch them burn without making any sound
Go ahead, you can just find another to come crashing down again
'cause this is it, my friend; our love has reached the end.

There's nothing left of this empty page
I'm all ink and lines
where words once kept of love and rage
left me lost and left me blind
and waiting in a crumble at your feet
for one more chance to fly

So you can cast yourself another airplane lover and 'til they reach the ground
you can watch them burn without making any sound
Go ahead, you can just find another to come crashing down again
'cause this is it, my friend; our love has reached the end.
Track Name: Never Will I Ever Love Again
Oh, never will I ever know love like yours again
you went away and I tried to say that we could make amends
but now I'm all alone, and I've reaped what I have sewn
and never will I ever love again.

Now that you're gone it won't be long 'til I meet someone new
but angel wings don't mean a thing when my heart's sad and blue
I'd rather never try than sit alone and cry
oh, never will I ever love again.

Why give your heart or any part that you can keep inside
when love grows cold and we grow old no matter what we tried?
And if time it doesn take then death will be our fate
oh, never will I ever love again
Track Name: Evangeline
Go, Evangeline, Go
'til your feet find you a road worth taking
don't wait at the gate
If you return, know that my my heart is breaking-
maybe in time when the mountains are worth all the climb
you'll go, Evangeline, go
'til the tears are only fears you leave behind.

Go, Evangeline, go
let the street draw you a little deeper
sink into the dream
of a world made just for heavy sleepers;
some day you'll see when the memory is setting you free
you'll go, Evangeline, go:
there's place out there where you're meant to be

and when I come around tomorrow
I'll be knocking at your door
and it would bring me pain and sorrow
to see your smiling face around once more.

Just go, Evangeline, go
we can speak only a little longer.
Life waits at the gate
and every step makes you a little stronger;
maybe you'll find when the root is only part of the vine
and you'll go, Evangeline go
'til the tears are only fears you leave behind.

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